LyxPro 4-Channel XLR to Cat6 Network Cable Breakouts with Male & Female Inputs

by LyxPro
Product Code: LYX4EC12
Professional sound performance from studio to stage.
Keep your audio cables neatly organized and out of sight with the 4-Channel XLR from LyxPro.
Designed for ultimate efficiency and durability, this versatile adapter connects to a single ethercon cat6 network cable, providing maximum extension up to 330 feet for use on stage and in the recording studio.
Plug in up to 4 separate channels for superior sound quality, balanced performance, super swift setup and quick, convenient breakdown.
Enjoy virtually zero interference as rich, vibrant, crystal clear sound transforms your vocal or instrumental performance.
Simply pair with LyxPro's high-quality, high-value ethercon cables, and you've got a stress-free setup professionally equipped to take the stage.

What You Get
1 x 4-Channel XLR Male Connector
1 x 4-Channel XLR Female Connector
An audio essential for studio, stage and other professional setups!

Specs & Details
Transmits 4 channels of balanced analogue, AES or DMX signal
Connects to ethercon cat6 network cable [up to 330 feet]
Compatible with 3-pin XLR based systems

How to Enjoy
Connect up to 4 separate lines down a single cat6 cable
Experience exceptionally clear, balanced, interference-free sound
Keep your lines extra organized and protected in studio and on stage
Use your versatile connector for a variety of audio and video applications

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