Dive into Summer with LyxPro: Save 10% on Guitars, Saxophones & Drums with Code HOTDEALS10

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Dive into Summer with LyxPro: Save 10% on Guitars, Saxophones & Drums with Code HOTDEALS10

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to dive into your musical passions with LyxPro’s sizzling hot deals!

Whether you’re a budding guitarist, semi-professional saxophonist, or developing drummer, LyxPro’s exclusive summer sale promises to make your music even brighter.

This June, use promo code HOTDEALS10 to save 10% on the best high-quality instruments by LyxPro!

Electric Guitars for Beginners

If you’re looking to start your musical journey with a beginner's electric guitar, LyxPro has you covered. Our selection includes the best beginner electric guitars designed to make learning fun and easy. From sleek designs to smooth playability, these beginner electric guitars are perfect for anyone starting out on their musical journey, or even those with a little more experience.

SB Series Electric Guitars

This beginner electric guitar delivers a classical guitar feel and produces a warm and thick iconic tone, perfect for genres like jazz, blues, metal, and rock. With a solid-body build and two humbucker pickups, it’s the best electric guitar for beginners looking to produce a more distinct, full tone.

TL Series Electric Guitars

When it comes to good beginner electric guitars, the TL Series will always be on the list. With two single-coil pickups, it’s the best beginner electric guitar for creating bright, rich sound. The twangy and mellow tones work beautifully with rock, pop, blues, and country music.

CS Series Electric Guitars

The neck position on the CS Series is a lot warmer sounding than some players may first think and for us, it has the perfect balance of low-end for a rich, clean tone. For the funk-masters out there, you’ll most definitely want to stick to the percussive attack of the middle position.

Saxophones That Sing

From classical to contemporary to jazz, you can’t go wrong with a classic E saxophone. Our professional-grade E Flat Alto Saxophone is crafted from premium brass to create a warm, consistent sound, while mother-of-pearl inlays add a touch of beauty and practicality.

Ideal for beginners and seasoned pros alike, the brass saxophone comes in a variety of colors so you can find one that perfectly suits your aesthetic.

Electronic Drum Sets

Feel the rhythm this summer with our fantastic range of electric drum sets. Our electronic drum kits are compact enough to fit wherever you get your rock on and feature 100% mesh drumheads, making them the best beginner drum sets for combining real feel and easy playing.

With a number of sizes and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the best electronic drum set for your unique space and style.

Why Choose LyxPro?

At LyxPro, we understand the needs of musicians at every level. Our instruments are designed to provide superior quality and excellent value, ensuring you get the best possible experience.

With our exclusive summer savings, there’s no better time to invest in your musical journey!

How to Save

To enjoy 10% off our wide range of guitars, saxophones, and drums, simply enter code HOTDEALS10 at checkout.

Hurry, sale ends June 30!

Final Thoughts

This summer, let your musical dreams take flight with LyxPro.

Whether you’re strumming your first chord on an electric guitar for beginners, creating soulful melodies on a gold alto saxophone, or keeping the beat with an electronic drum kit, LyxPro has everything you need to make your summer musical.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer for 10% off your purchase with code HOTDEALS10!

Visit LyxPro now to explore our hot deals and find the perfect instrument to start your summer on a high note!

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