LyxPro High Performance, Portable, Sound-absorbing, Premium Aluminium, Foam-lined Panel with Microphone Shield

by LyxPro
Product Code: LYXVRI50
Make anyplace your professional recording space.
This portable sound absorbing vocal recording panel from LyxPro instantly creates an essential microphone booth with the perfect ambiance for all your professional or amateur live performance recordings. Since even high-quality professional microphones can be rendered useless in less-than-stellar recording environments, this panel helps you ensure crisp, dry sound - no matter where you go.

Eliminates Noise Interference
Designed by acoustic experts to absorb and deflect ambient noise that may compromise the accuracy of your performance capture, the panel effectively blocks sound from air conditioners, audience chatter, and other obstructions.

Reduces Bounceback
The panel is constructed from premium aluminum and lined with high-quality foam. This delivers structural integrity along with appropriate sound diffusion so your recording is always free of distortion or alteration due to surrounding waves.

Sets Up in Seconds
Easy-to-follow instructions guide you through the truly minimal assembly required. Setting up the VRI-10 entails no more than unfolding the panel's hinged sections, hand-tightening the locks, and positioning the microphone to your preference.

Remains Solid & Stable
Stability feet prevent sliding, and the entire booth mounts to your microphone stand with a sturdy clamp system. A microphone mounting hardware set is also included, providing extra protection and stability when used in desktop mode.

Travels Conveniently
The clever panel design allows for easy breakdown for travel. To take your perfect recording environment anywhere, take apart the sections and pack them flat in your suitcase or musician's bag. Reassembly is equally painless.

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