LyxPro MOP-8 Studio-Grade Mesh Microphone Pop Filter

by LyxPro
Product Code: LYXMOP8
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  • Circular 6-Inch Microphone Pop Filter Made from Quality Mesh
  • Improves Vocal Recording Quality & Eliminates Harsh Plosive Sounds
  • Features Long 14-Inch Flexible Steel Gooseneck for Precise Positioning
  • Easily Attaches to Any Microphone Stand by Hand - No Tools Required
  • Carries LyxPro's Original Manufacturer's Limited 1-Year Warranty

    Revitalizes Your Studio VocalsAs a professional musician you dread plosive sounds such as "p" and "b" that create those sudden bursts of air pressure and bassy "pop" sounds in vocal recordings. If you've had it with ruined performances, invest in the inexpensive yet indispensible LyxPro MOP-8 microphone pop filter. Its 6" mesh screen blocks popping sounds for immediate recording improvements. As an added benefit, the filter also shields your microphone element from the accumulation of saliva. As salts in human saliva are corrosive and may damage delicate recording equipment, the MOP-8 helps prolong the microphone's life.Remains Sonically TransparentWhat makes the LyxPro MOP-8 the choice of professionals everywhere? The filter's ability to pass the audio through without adding any coloration to the sound. This is critical to any self-respecting recording studio, as so many other accessories and 'helper tools' that are not up to par are added to the junk pile every year. LyxPro's promise is to design and deliver superior pro audio products that make a true difference and thus earn their place in studios and on stages worldwide. Good microphone pop filters are now a standard in countless studios, and LyxPro's MOP-8 is raising the bar for quality and ease of use.Plays Nice w/Most Mic StandsConnecting the MOP-8 to your microphone stand - up to 7/8 inch in diameter - is easy and can be done by hand. Simply loosen the locking screw and set the pop filter at the height you desire. Tighten the locking screw, and everything stays in place. The flexible steel gooseneck is a generous 14 inches long to provide you the freedom of movement you need for perfect positioning as well as for quick adjustments between vocalists. Once you invite the LyxPro MOP-8 into your studio, you'll wonder how you've ever recorded without it.

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