Dual Layer Microphone Pop Filter w/ Flexible Goozeneck

by LyxPro
Product Code: LYXMOP28
  • Dual layer design for superior performance
  • Effectively removes unwanted plosive sounds
  • A must for recording vocals into a large diaphragm studio microphone
  • Fits on most microphone stands
  • Filter Diameter: 6.2" (160mm), Gooseneck Length: 14.5" (37cm), Clamp Arm Length: 4.7" (12cm)
  • MOP-28 by LyxPro attenuates the unwanted plosive sounds completely, its dual layer design ensures the removal of the 'P' and 'B' that causes air blasts hitting the microphone. When recording vocals on a large diaphragm condenser studio mic it is very critical to watch out for words that has a 'P' or 'B' in it because the sudden air pressure will cause the microphone to clip, and those distortions cannot be fixed later, in order to prevent that, a microphone pop filter is the solution which will direct the air pressure away from the microphone. The MOP-28 provides much greater prevention to the microphone since it's a dual layer design, its 2nd screen will eliminate any leftover air pressure and will ensure that there is no clipping to the recording, this will result in more freedom in the recording process because the input levels can be set to a higher level. Features:Dual layer design for superior performanceEffectively removes unwanted plosive soundsA must for recording vocals into a large diaphragm studio microphoneFits on most microphone standsFilter Diameter: 6.2" (160mm)Gooseneck Length: 14.5" (37cm)Clamp Arm Length: 4.7" (12cm)

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